Sonntag, 19. Dezember 2010

Peko got his final anti-rabies inoculation ~~ and tomorrow he will have his final blood check.
It seems I can take him home without any problems ^o^

Yoshi&I  went shopping to get some presents for our friends ~~ we also wanted to check out presents for ourselves. But while we had a short stop at LV, Dior&Chanel, we didn`t find anything nice...Yoshi wanted to have a new wallet but the new ones at Dior weren`t his taste. So I couldn`t get him one. And at LV the scarf which I always wanted to have was sold out XD No present for me either. Yoshi was really frustrated and tried to convince me to get another bag, but I don`t need one... ^^; So after one hour he gave up.
 I simply have no wish ^^;  I have Peko&spend a nice Christmas date in Odaiba with my sweet boyfriend...somehow I`m wishless this year ^^;  Sounds pretty superficial but I really have NO idea ^^; 

Maybe we simply buy something in Odaiba  ~~ like pair neck chains  XD Kitsch pur ~~or we buy tons of 31 ice cream XD  Or I convince Yoshi to get me the LV dog harness for Peko XD 

We also ordered  a really cute chocholate cake for Christmas at our Conbini. At 25th Yoshi`s work will end around 6pm, so we are planning to eat Chritmas dinner at home. I miss the German Christmas dinner...I really want to eat duck and potatoes...

Yesterday we had dinner at our favourite Italian restaurant after the big shopping in Omotesando ~~~

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