Donnerstag, 4. November 2010

Hello ~
At first: Thanks a lot for all those "GET WELL!" mails and comments ^^ I felt your love and survived (^ _ ^)/~~ lol

I`m fit again and today we wanted to spend our free time in Ueno Zoo. Sadly more than 10 strands of my extensions fell of (first time that this ever happened (T_T)) and I needed to remove all of them since I looked like some punk girl wannabe XD  I`m still not sure why this happened and how, but since I`ve saved some money this week I will get some new ones when I`m in Shibuya. My bf isn`t that happy about it since he doesn`t like extensions&prefers my natural hair, but that`s my head and not his XD

It took more than 2 hours and happily Yoshi is working as stylist, so he could help me out. Since we live in Sangenjaya, Ueno is pretty far (about 40 minutes by train) and so we changed our plan and went out for dinner. Tomorrow: Zoo  ^^

We went to one of the best Okonomiyaki restaurants in town. Only 10 people can eat there. It`s really tiny, but has a fantastic atomosphere. I have never eaten such tasty shrimps before *_*

Later on we got some ice cream and found out that a new sweets` store has opened in our town. Everything is incredibly cheap (about 80Yen) and since Yoshi is really into sweet things, he had to buy various ones for the next 2 weeks (o ̄∇ ̄o) Can`t believe he can eat all of it but well...yeah...
Now we`re chilling with cookies, coffee and warm AC-air in our apartment ~  o(^^o)(o^^)o 
We have good chances to get a table in Roppongi Hills for Christmas Eve...although we still need to wait . In about three weeks we will get a call. I really hope we can have our Christmas dinner there (*≧▽≦) Would be a perfect combination for a Christmas date...


  1. doofe extensions :( naja man steckt halt nicht immer drin ne. das nächste mal werden die bestimmt besser halten ^^

  2. Oh cool!!!
    I want to try okonomiyaki as well!
    But in Germany there is no okonomiyaki restaurant. And the asia restaurants don't have okonomiyaki -.-"
    Uhh.. really?? I hope you get the call!!!
    Good luck!!!!

    Koko =)