Mittwoch, 28. März 2012

What a busy day ~

Today we had to get an apostille for Yoshi's papers. So we headed to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Japan. Soon we have all papers complete...the final step will be the translation into German from a translation agency.

The weather was really beautiful today. Sadly there are no cherry blossoms yet...just some trees are blooming. We really hope we can do some Hanami next week.
We walked around the Chiyoda Park and got a little feeling of was the first day this year where I walked around without jacket...just love

Since Ginza is really close to the park, we decided to eat dinner over there. And then...the sweet devil seduced us... XD
In the big department store Mitsukoshi you get the best roll cake in whole Tokyo...and since I have never eaten it, but Yoshi is a great fan, we headed to the store and got one. Check it out ~ the wonderful Dojima Roll ~

And no, not only the cake...also the Ciappucino Whoopie Pies. Some of my followers may remember my entry from last year's December (or was it November??)...I'm totally in love with the stuff. Sometimes they have a small booth in Shibuya. I didn't know that they were already in seems the little tasty ones are getting famous.

 They have already a webpage:

And last but not least~~

Thanks a lot for so many followers!
I just want to say something, since it's on my mind for a while now:
I'm really happy about every comment. Sadly I'm really busy and rarely find enough time to answer all comments, but I just want to say that I try to read all of them and that I'm happy to see people with the same passion for Japan.
This blog was created for my Japanese friends who are now living&working abroad. I had wonderful homestays in various parts in Japan while I was 17~18 and even though we can't meet that often these days, it's nice to see how the others are doing through their blogs. I've met great people from all around the world and even though years have passed, we are connected and everytime we meet up we still know what's going on.
Another reason why I decided to create this blog two years ago were my German family&friends, who don't have a Facebook account or the computer knowledge to deal with things like Ameba&Co. I want to give them a little insight, share my photos and give them the feeling that I'm not toally far away.
I didn't expect that many people will follow me, since I rarely (never?! XD) post about fashion&the Japanese pop culture...but on the other hand I'm really happy about the result. After 3/11 I think it's important to show that not everything is negative and covered with shadows from the catastrophe which has happened one year ago. When I was 16 and had the big dream to go to Japan I was a follower of a wonderful blog of a girl living in Kyoto and got a lot of motivation to improve my grades in high school&try everything to make my plans reality.
I post mostly photos because I don't use this blog as diary (you won't find drama here XD)'s just something I want to share with my friends. I like taking photos&I'm really thinking to get myself a professional camera at my birthday. More photos...yeah ~ hehehe.
That's the reason why I want to keep my address&other details about my life private ~ hope you understand this :)
Thanks again ~


  1. Wie schön ♥ Ich bin total froh deinen Blog gefunden zu haben, ich lese sehr gern über euer Leben dort. Ich glaube wir sind in etwa gleichalt (?!), ihr beide heiratet dieses Jahr (ich hab letztes geheiratet) und du bist auch ein großer Japanfan :)
    Ihr beide müsst mal in den Yoyogipark gehen. Da blühten letzte Woche schon die Kirschbäume, das war traumhaft schön! Ich habe wunderschöne Schnappschüsse mit der Kamera hinbekommen (wenn ich endlich mit dem Bilder sortieren und bearbeiten fertig bin, lade ich sie dann auch auf meinen Blog hoch...).
    Die Kuchenrolle sieht so lecker aus :3
    Liebe Grüße

  2. I have seen pictures of a dojima roll but I didn't know what it was. I definitely want to try it when I go to Japan :] And I love the message you left to your followers. It's good to get a bit of a back story ^-^ I just enjoy your blog because I also love Japan and want to go, but I can't at the moment. So I read people's blogs about their lives in Japan. Yours is one of my favorite blogs^^

  3. Also für mich ist einfach super interessant zu sehen, was es noch so bei dir gibt ^u^ und jetzt auch noch die Pläne vom Heiraten ♥
    Einfach total interessant ^o^