Freitag, 9. September 2011

A weekend of work lies in front of me...Saturday&Sunday are always busy as hell&tomorrow I will work around lunch time, which means I will be deadly tired after the five hours, but on Monday I have the next holiday, so it's pretty ok :)

Today Yoshi&I spent our holiday with shopping. It's a rare chance having holidays on the same day. Most Japanese couples can't do this that often, but since Yoshi&my work schedule is pretty flexible we try to get the same days off .
I already bought new shoes and a wine red shirt which is my typical "chill-out" outfit for work&so I didn't buy anything and just enjoyed seeing Yoshi getting some new things for autumn.

I will try to save some money and get the Vivienne Westwood wallet I have always dreamt of ~ so I need to be patient and wait until the end of October XD

We'll finally visit Enoshima on Monday. I think it'll be the last trip to the beach this summer...I'm SO looking forward to this trip ^-^v  I love the beach. And I love going for a drive. A fantastic combination to say goodbye to the summer&welcome the autumn days.


  1. That's really awesome that you guys are able to arrange your days off so that you can spend them together!

    You're also really lucky that he seems to love purikura so much! Kenjer NEVER wants to take it and I have to lure or force him into it XD

  2. @Caroline
    Yes...but for Yoshi having days off together is the most important thing. That's the reason why he quit his work as stylist. We couldn't spend a lot of time together.
    Even though we live together, I can't imagine spending my holidays alone XD That's the reason why I didn't accept the other job offers...Starbucks is really flexible.

    Yeah XD We love to take photos. I think it's a good memory when you're stressed from work. Looking on photos of fun days give you a nice feeling...
    I think many men don't like purikura, so don't mind ^^ You take a lot of photos together&that's also nice.