Sonntag, 26. Dezember 2010

I hope you had wonderful holidays ^o^

24th we headed over to Odaiba and had a great dinner with a wonderful view over Tokyo Bay. Around 8pm Tokyo Tower changed colours into a mix of blue, later violet and a mix of red&orange ^o^

We walked around Odaiba Decks, watched the Christmas Illumination and then headed home to relax ~

25th Yoshi had to work and we decided to make a chill-out night with Christmas music&
exchanging present ~~
I`ve got Yoshi a wallet from Vivienne Westwood which he always wanted and since I was "wishless", he got me a pinky ring as surprise ~~~ I love it ^^

It was really a nice Christmas, although I`ve missed my family in Germany a little. The Japanese Techno version of "Silent Night" and the temperature of over 10 degrees aren`t good ways to get into Christmas mood. Next year I really want to go home, even though it`s just a week ^.^

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