Mittwoch, 29. Dezember 2010

♥♥ Love
Huhu ~~~
I`ve met Cori for a short (long XD) chill-out at Staba and since Peko-kun was a little bit moody I had to return around 10pm. But it was still a nice day ~~
I have to leave Japan in one week due to my university schedule in Germany. Although I think I will return in the end of March, everything is still university schedule for March isn`t out yet. Although I hope for a one week intensive course, they may won`t offer one...which would change my plan going back to Japan a lot...without an intensive course of one week I need to attend a normal class until the middle of May...and since I have my final oral examination in the end of June I couldn`t return to Japan before my graduation in July...this would mean: Spending a sad anniversary day...and a sadder birthday in Germany... HELP ME XD  I`m sick of living in Germany. Just want to graduate university and finally start living here.  I want to go to Germany when I WANT TO. I want to choose the time I return, the time span and just want to be with my family then, not being forced by my university classes or Visa limits or something else.


  1. Oh the puri with your friend are so cute, I love your white hat and coat!

    I understand how you feel, I wish I could just move to Japan and start living. But luckily you can study here, I can't even do that TT

    I hope everything will work out for you soon!

  2. @さらまり
    Thanks ~~~
    The hat is from Alta Shinjuku. Pretty expensive since it`s faux fur but it was worth the money.
    The coat is from 109. Just 4000 Yen ~~ I love the Sale Days XD

    Yep ~ I`m glad I can graduate in summer. Then I`m finally free.
    Why don`t you come over for a long time for a study abroad or a gap year at language school?