Dienstag, 4. September 2012

Starting from this week I have another class on Wednesday. My work and private life is pretty packed these days, so I'm sorry for the late updates...

After our wedding party we will have about two hours left until the last train&so we made a reservation in a nice bar close to the hotel. We will make a small "afterparty", change our outfits into a less glamarous suit&dress and just hang out with our friends :)

Here are some photos of the last two weeks. Nothing special though, since we mostly spent time in Odaiba,  planning the wedding stuff&trying to look like a well-organized couple who has a plan to deal with all the stuff...(fail XD)
We are getting more and more excited about everything...
My parents will come to Japan for one week&I'm looking forward to spend time with them.

Yoko's boyfriend is here for summer break&we had a nice karaoke day ~

XD  That face XD

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  1. Da ich deinen Blog gerne lese.. http://jentsukase.blogspot.de/2012/09/liebster-blog-award-weitergabe.html

    Ich hoffe, du hast nix dagegen (・□・;)