Dienstag, 3. Juli 2012

Today the morning started with an earthquake in the Tokyo Bay, which also reached up to Kanagawa and my school...actually the first one which was directly under the city...pretty schocking, but since it was just a magnitude 4 everything was fine.
My class did a great job. I was with the three years old kids and all of them followed the instructions. I was so proud that I totally forgot my lack of sleep...I woke up around 3 am and stayed awake until 8 am...so now I'm looking forward to a shower&my sweet bed XD

On Monday we had to do some stuff for the health insurance again. But since the weather was so nice, we headed to Yokohama afterwards and spent a nice evening at the harbour. I love this place...
 It was already very hot...the summer is coming very soon...

Do you remember this ice cream? You can find this tasty little guy in one of my entries in September&March :)
Totally worth to visit this Cafe ^^

We are thinking to make a 3days-trip to a nice beach area somewhere close to Tokyo in August. We already checked hotels which welcome dogs since Peko will join. Would be too nice to have a little trip...even though it would be just for three days. Sadly Japan is really expensive and even a short trip will be around 1000€ for the two of us... ;_; But we want the "summer-beach-cocktails-ice cream"-feeling so much  XD


  1. Peko ist soooo toll, ich könnt mir stundenlang Fotos von ihm ansehen XDDD Er sieht so knuffig aus, dass man ihn am liebsten durchknuddeln will ♥
    Deine Kids sind erst 3 Jahre alt? Krass, dann arbeitest du quasi in einer Kita?
    Liebe Grüße

  2. i love the pictures <3 you have a great camera n.n ! and the city looks so beautiful, its great everything is ok, here in my city we had an earthquake too, but 3 or 4 too, not big deal n.n

    have a nice day

  3. Lovely photos! So pretty and colorful :) I'd love to visit Yokohama again too, it's a bit far from central Tokyo though. The sea is so calming!