Dienstag, 31. Juli 2012

A few days left until my summer holiday starts...I bet all of you can imagine how happy I am XD

Yoshi's familly sent 5kg food, including a big cooling pillow for Peko. Instead of the pillow, Peko loves the box...until today I wasn't able to throw it away since our dog thinks he's a cat...

Nadine&I went to to the Sumidagawa Hanabi on Saturday. It was so crowded...here a little impression:

But we were also able to see some beautiful Maiko, sadly I was just able to get a photo from their backside since they were hurrying to their next customer.

I totally love Kimono&Yukata. I adore Japanese women with their black hair, their slender body encased in a colourful fabric...it's so feminine. It's suit them so perfectly that I always wonder why I even own a yukata...
I saw many beautiful couples that night&I can't wait for the Hanabi in Futako :)
So here are some stalker photos (hope the girls&boys don't mind XD) , because I think the backside is the most beautiful side of a yukata.

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