Donnerstag, 28. Juni 2012

Hello everybody ~

I'm  preparing things for the special summer events at my school these days and also try to get all the papers for changing my family name. June is already over....I can't believe it...

All in all, it's a pretty dry rainy season up tp now...I really welcome that ~ XD

Do you know this flower? You find it everywhere in Japan, blooming in June.

I also got myself a dress in blue. Sadly I rarely have the chance to wear it these days since on work days I prefer my "T-Shirts&shorts" motivation to dress up XD
But I can't wait to get some nice summer outfits next month...
My summer vacation starts in the beginning of August and I'm so looking forward to go to the beach.



 Last week I had to visit the citizen centre to get my new Alien Registration Card and change my health insurance. In Japan, you have to join your husband's insurance register after marriage.
It took a pretty long time...all in all, we spent more than four hours waiting for a simple paper. Afterwards we just went to a Okonomiyaki restaurant close by. We ordered so much...but it was pretty cheap and since we didn't even have a real breakfast, it felt like heaven.


Love it!

This one, too ~~

Can't wait for the weekend :)
Hope you have a nice one, too ~


  1. Die Blume ist ja hübsch ^.^ Sieht ein ganz kleines bischen wie eine Hortensie aus, aber auch nicht wirklich, da die anders wächst...
    Ah Okonomiyaki, wie lecker *.* Ich will auch :3 Schöne Fotos mal wieder ♥
    Liebe Grüße

  2. Du stehst ja mittem im Leben!

    Hoffe, dass ich das auch mal in ein paar Jahren auch tun kann. Die schule nervt gerade, da wünscht man sich ein Leben wie deins zu haben :D

    Du, Yoshi& Okonomiyaki sehen zum anbeissen aus XD