Dienstag, 20. März 2012

A late update, but these days time passes by so fast...

At first, I got really sick last week. My fever went up to 39 degrees and I felt so tired...no medicine from the drug store was able to fight against my cold. My tonsilis were swollen and I couldn't eat for three days...which made everything much worse. Yoshi brought me to the hospital on Monday, where the doctor decided to put me on a drip for one hour. It was my first time in a hospital...I'm a person who rarely gets sick and so it was a pretty big shock. But just two hours after the drip I felt so much better. I wasn't allowed to go to work for two days, but on Tuesday I could finally walk around.
Happily I got fit again very fast&so I was able to spend some time with my parents, who arrived in Tokyo last week.

We have visited various places in the city and we also made a big trip to Nikko (snowy, cold...but great!) . We all had a wonderful time. Sadly they will already leave on Thursday, which means tomorrow will be the last day. We will go to Yokohama ~ one of my favourite places here in Japan.

Living far away from each other is sometimes hard and stressful, but on the other hand you learn to cherish moments with your family.

Yoshi's mother got Peko a cute spring jacket :)

Guys and beer...well, yeah XD
My White Day gift...a bread machine!! Much love!!

And then Nikko...

Famous monkeys ^^

...so cute XD
Udon ~ 800 Yen
Trip to Nikko ~ 45.000Yen
Seeing how my father fights with chopsticks ~ Priceless ;)

Spiderman...eh...Yoshi in the hotel room...


After Onsen...chillout  ~~

And the best of it...our Kimono shooting. Even though it was expensive, it was totally worth it!
Our wedding dresses will be in Western style...so I really wanted to take at least photos in Kimono style ~


  1. aww ihr seid wunderschön im kimono !!!! echt so schön =)

  2. aww you too look great and lovely <33333 you look so happy together <33

  3. omg die bilder im kimono sind wunderschön <3 :)

  4. You looks beautiful in kimono. What is the place where you took this photo splease ?

    1. Omotesando ~ in a small bridal photo studio (^∇^)

  5. Nice bloggers always anwser comments posted. Just saying.

    1. This blog is for my family&friends in Germany who don't use Facebook. I don't mind to keep it open since it can be a nice space to communicate with other people. I'm not a fashion blogger or something. I don't comment other entries of my followers too.
      Since I work here I'm pretty busy and sometimes simply don't get the chance to answer comments since I prefer using this time for my friends and family in real life.
      Sorry for that, but that's simply a fact.