Donnerstag, 25. August 2011


Hello ~~

I'm sorry for the lack of updates, but my work is much busier than I have expected&of course there are always some private events who make a daily blogging impossible.

Anyway, I had a Nomikai with some of my Starbucks people this week&it was wonderful. All of them are great people, totally nice and fun to be with. I still haven't met all of the staffs since our Starbucks is the biggest in Japan = more than 40 staffs...I also have problems to remember all family names XD I still need to study a lot of things, but I'm motivated and love my job.


Many things will change in the following months. My bf needs to make a decision about his career and if he really wants to become a puplic official. He may needs to return to university for one or two years, but his family wants to support him as much as they can. His job as estate agent is incredibly busy&doesn't offer the safety not to end up unemployed...that's the reason why we have doubts.

Between all the changes in our life, we took some time and allow ourselves a nice dinner in an Italian restaurant, which will be the part-time job of Yoshi if he really returns to university. We ate so much fantastic are some impressions:


Next week we are planning to go to Yokohama♥ Hope the weather will be better than the past three days XD


  1. How awesome that you work at Starbucks! I'm nowhere near the level in Japanese I'd need to be to actually work at a place like that! I did work in a restaurant by speaking Japanese only, but so many times I messed up and it was so stressful ; 0 ; so awesome you work there!

    Hope the weather gets better for you!

  2. deine Mitarbeiter sehen zum knutschen aus :3
    und die Cappucchino´s erst <3 Bald kannst du mir auch so einen herzaubern : )

  3. @Mika
    Although my conversation level is fluent, I can't read many don't worry ~ I'm far away from perfect ~ ^^
    But my work place is extremly friendly. Even though I need to study a lot, I get a fantastic support from everyone which helps me a lot.

    Danke Hasi ^^ Wenn du da bist stell ich sie dir vor. Sind super knuffig alle ~~

  4. die sehen echt alle total nett aus~ :D
    schöne Bilder :3

  5. Omg that last photo is so cute! I wanna go to that restaurant just to get a seal drawn in my latte!!!

    Good luck with everything! I'm glad you're liking your job so much too!

  6. @Caroline
    Please visit us ^^
    The restaurant is a little bit expensive, but really tasty :) Totally worth the price. The chef has lived 2 years in Italy.
    The name is Trattoria Viola :)
    You find it in Futako-Tamagawa Takashiyama
    10 Floor ~ my boyfriend will be pleased to serve you ^^
    He works there everyday except Monday. Starting from 19th just twice a week though...

    And of course come over to Starbucks :) Floor 7.